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What is signposting?

There are many ways to reach recovery, psychotherapy is not the only route and, in some cases, may not be necessary. Where this is the case Synergy Psychotherapy can suggest alternatives - this is referred to as 'signposting'.

If psychotherapy is the right path for you it's always nice to have options and Synergy Psychotherapy has signposted some of those too. 


If you are in a crisis the focus needs to be on getting you through the moment and keeping you safe.

Please see the crisis support page for details of relevant services in your locality.


Self-help options are more likely to be beneficial for some people than psychotherapy.

Emotional support can be useful if you're looking for someone to talk to as and when needed,

without making a commitment, or if you feel you need support, which is more regular

than once-weekly psychotherapy.


The NHS provides psychotherapy.


Please see the 'alternative private therapy' page for details on how to find an alternative

psychotherapy provider.

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