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Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) 

Australian-based specialised clinical psychology service offering self-help resources including workbooks, for the following problems:

  • Anxiety; Body Dysmorphia; Health Anxiety; Panic; Social Anxiety; Worry and Rumination.

  • Bipolar; Depression.

  • Appearance Concerns; Disordered Eating; Perfectionism; Sleep; Tolerating Distress.

  • Assertiveness; Procrastination; Self-Compassion; Self-Esteem.


Cumbria, Northumberland , Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust 

NHS Trust-created self-help booklets on the following topics:

  • Abuse; Bereavement; Domestic Abuse; Self Harm.

  • Alcohol and You; Food for Thought; Sleeping Problems.

  • Anxiety; Controlling Anger; Depression and Low Mood; Eating Disorders; Health Anxiety; Hearing Voices and Disturbing Beliefs; Obsessions and Compulsions; Panic; Post Traumatic Stress; Postnatal depression; Social Anxiety; Stress.


Get Self Help 

CBT self-help and therapy resources including worksheets, information sheets and mp3s, covering the following (but not limited to):

  • Anger self help.

  • Anxiety self help.

  • CBT self help course, step 1.

  • Chronic pain and fatigue self help.

  • Depression self help.

  • GAD & worry self help.

  • Health anxiety self help.

  • Low self esteem self help.

  • Panic self help.

  • Phobias self help.

  • Sleep self help.

  • Stress self help.

  • Videos for self help.

Living Life To The Full (LLTTF)

Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resilience. Work out why you feel as you do, how to tackle problems, build confidence, get going again, feel happier, stay calm, tackle upsetting thinking and more. Courses are free for individuals using them in their own lives.

Page last updated: 08/07/2023. All information correct at time of update but is liable to change; to ensure information is correct at time of use visit the resource website or refer to the resource directly. Synergy Psychotherapy is not responsible for the content of any external sites or self-help resources. Synergy Psychotherapy has no affiliation (financial or otherwise) with the website authors, designers or hosts and providing details of such resources should not be seen as endorsement.

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